Sunday, December 11, 2016

Frozen Review & PNG Images

From now on, Elsa lives behind closed doors, so that no one can discover her secret - completely to the suffering of Anna, who misses her big sister very much. Only a few years later, Elsa returned from her rooms to be crowned queen. And here the mischief takes its course. Elsa does not have her magic powers under control again, transforming the kingdom of Arendelle into an icy snow landscape. To avoid further damage, Elsa fled into the deep snowy mountains of the kingdom. But what will happen to Arendelle? To save her home, the brave Anna breaks out to look for her sister. Kristoff and his faithful Reindeer Sven are bravely on the side. On their adventurous journey they meet wolves, snow monsters, trolls and a magical snowman named Olaf. But can they drive away the icy winter and return the summer?

Just in time for the Christmas season, this new, literally cool movie from Disney Studios comes into theaters. Here you can find everything you might already know from other Disney films: A love story, funny characters, exciting and dramatic action and lots of music. The makers of the film did not spare a large portion of kitsch. Nevertheless, the film is worth seeing. The pictures from the ice world and the animation are really great and with Anna you meet a brave heroine, which poses every danger. And not only the funny and loving snowman Olaf provides lots of laughter.

This film has received the title "particularly valuable" from the German Film and Media Review (FBW). The justification can be found here.

The FBW was founded in 1951 as an expert institution of all federal states. Independent juries, each with five media experts, evaluate the films within their genre and distinguish outstanding works with the "valuable" and "particularly valuable" qualities.

Frozen PNG Images

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